Thursday, 4 February 2016

Small But Beautiful.

There has been a mini-update tonight at Solstice Yarns. I have purposely kept the volume small as I still have my arm in a pot so just three colours.....small but beautiful.

All "Isadora" pure Alpaca Lace, the colours are all inspired by Winter and early Spring. The colours are......

"Train Of Stars"

Inspired by twilight skies and glowing stars and planets...

Inspired by crystal-cold landscapes, ice, snow and the first flowers of Spring.

"Awakening Earth"
Inspired by the cold earth beginning to warm towards Spring.

I'm loving these colours and I have also dyed them in Tamusi pure Alpaca sockweight, which I will add next week.

Goodnight all. x

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Food, Glorious Food.

Throughout my life, so far, I have gone through various food phases. I distinctly remember, at the age of 19, staring every day with a glass of whipped up raw eggs and milk! After I got married I did cook and bake all kinds of things, especially in those halcyon days when one has married but does not yet have children. There were pies of all descriptions ( I do make lovely pastry, a skill passed down from my mother), stews, casseroles , soups , cakes. I made a very good peppered steak! ( did I really eat steak? Yes, at that time, I did.)
I had children....there was not so much spare time. I went into wine-making mode. The fruit I would go out and collect would end up bubbling away in a demijohn. My two eldest children still have vague memories of me bouncing them across the local fields to collect blackberries...both of them packed into the big Silver Cross pram.

Life took many unexpected and unavoidable turns after this original state of bliss, as it does, and during this turbulent time, I turned vegetarian for the first time. I kept to this for eight years but eventually drifted out of it.....not sure why, less time to prepare proper meals?, too many soya sausages? Whatever....I lapsed.....until 2 years ago. This time I really think I will stick to it. I'm not entirely perfect.....there have been a few occasions when I have given in to the temptation to eat shellfish, especially in Cornwall, but I'm pretty sure I will never eat meat again.

I freely admit that, over the last 4 years, since I have been self-employed, my husband does most of the cooking in our house. My yarn-dyeing and all the things associated with it, keep me extremely busy and , if it was left to me, we would probably eat at midnight.

Now that I am temporarily out of action with a broken arm I have decided to try to eat a healthier diet. Frozen banana and nut butter smoothies have become the norm. Yesterday's breakfast was this concoction....

 "Pink Porridge"

Pink Porridge. Cover the required amount of porridge oats with half water, half coconut milk. Bring to a simmer, stirring all the time. Add a teaspoon of coconut oil and some frozen fruit to the pan and continue to simmer and stir for 5 mins. Place in bowl, top with coconut milk and a teaspoon of shelled hemp seeds. Add your choice of sweetener if required but it's fine without as the fruit has natural sweetness.

Tonight's tea was this.....

Delicious it was too. Made with quinoa , courgettes, kale and peas with a topping of toasted almonds, the recipe is by "DeliciouslyElla" and can be found on her  Blog , along with lots of other lovely recipes.

And the treat for later is this...yes...chocolate!

This is perfectly healthy chocolate from Sundance Bars on Etsy , sugar-free and made from raw cacao and other wholesome ingredients. It tastes delicious too. x

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Walking On Thin Ice.

Well, here I am after a long blogging absence which is mainly due to that old chestnut, "not enough hours in the day". Here is a picture of some of the yarn I had prepared for the shop update on Wednesday, 13th. January. This is Isadora Lace in "Train of Stars".

A week last Wednesday (Wednesday is update day at Solstice Yarns, a sacred day during which I do not have time to do anything but photograph and list the yarn I have lovingly prepared the week before), I had an early appointment with my GP.  I knew it would be a push to fit it in and the suspected slipped disc I was going about was actually starting to feel better over the course of the three weeks I had waited for the appointment. I thought about cancelling it (I rarely visit a doctor, preferring to sort out my own health if at all possible) but the residual twinges caused me to decide to go in the hope of arranging some physiotherapy. I also had a yarn order to post so I could do that while I was out.
So there we have...MISTAKE No. 1......Not cancelling the appointment when my inner voice told me I could.

I set off down the road with my head full of yarn and colours and, with hindsight, I can say that  MISTAKE No. 2 was... Not checking the weather conditions.

As I stepped onto the patch of black ice, at the end of my road, and flew through the air in seemingly slow motion, all I could think was "this is going to hurt and there is nothing I can do to stop it."

As you do, I instinctively put my hand behind me to stop myself landing on my head. I now know that  MISTAKE  No 3 was .....sticking out my right (dominant) hand instead of my left.

I stayed on the floor for about 30 seconds just making sure I was alive. There was no-one about to rescue me so I got up to assess the damage. Of the two places that hurt, my coccyx and my arm, the arm was the worst. My fingers wouldn't move , my hand was at a weird angle and there was a big round lump developing on my wrist. I wondered how on earth I was going to do the photos and the yarn update with an arm like that!
Now , I used to be a nurse. I knew my arm was broken really but I still struggled on to my doctor's appointment with some strange hope that she would say "Oh it's not broken, it will be fine in a minute". That could qualify as MISTAKE No. 4.  I don't know if the walk to the GP contributed to the fractures being displaced by the time I eventually ended up in A and E, at Bradford Royal Infirmary but displaced they were (radius and ulna both broken), and needed to be pulled back into shape by the lovely people there. That was an experience I hope never to repeat.....but I was quite stoic and didn't cry! :)

My arm has been set into a strange claw-like position and I am having weekly checks on the position of the bones. So far so good.... watch this space.

This is the reason why shop updates are temporarily suspended. The Solstice Yarns Shop is still open and there are some little gems available there but for now new dyeing is impossible. I can't wait to be back in dyeing action and I will be as soon as I can lift a ten-gallon bucket. Meanwhile I am learning to write with my left hand, learning to be patient and generally, thinking positively.

Eleanor xx

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Yarn Update at Solstice Yarns

Hello Everyone,

It is such a long time since I posted here on the blog but in the meantime Solstice Yarns has been wonderfully busy.
We have a nice little Shop update tonight at 8pm and here is a preview of the yarns :)

Andromeda Lace   A  lovely soft, springy Merino / Silk lace yarn with subtle silver twinkles.
Colour "Sleeping Spell"


Ishtar Lace.  Luxurious Silk /Baby Camel Lace Yarn                        
Colour     "Damsels and Dragonflies" 

Zorya.  Pure Silk Lace Yarn
Colour  "After The Harvest"

And Colour  "Voyage On The Teal"

Sea Angel Lace.  Silk / Seacell Lace
Colour  "Young Hearts Run Free"

And Colour  "Away With The Faeries"

Osiris  Pure Silk 4Ply/ Fingering
Colour  "Queen Of The May"

Changeling  Silk / Kid Mohair
Colour "Away With The Faeries"

And  Colour " Queen of the May"

There will also be a little DK yarn too so I hope you can join the fun at 8pm at Solstice Yarns

Love , Eleanor x

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Hello Everyone ,

I will be be updating the Solstice Yarns Shop  at 8pm tonight and I have lots of lovely laceweight yarns for your perusal :)

I was absolutely honoured and delighted, earlier this week , to hear that some of my yarns had been listed as recommended yarns for "Morticia" , by Bev (BooKnits) . I love Bev's designs and I have been busy this week dyeing lots of lovely mysterious and spooky colours.....

Lothlorien Lace

"Priestess Song"

"Dark Secret"

"Signed in Blood"

"The Vanishing Lady"

"Roses For Mina"

Ishtar Lace (Silk/ Baby Camel)

"Dark Secret"

"Ghost of Love"

"Oceans of Time"

"Golden Pumpkins"

"Fallen Angel"

"Fired Rose"

Sea Angel Sea Silk Lace


"Dark Secret"

"Ghost of Love"

"Golden Pumpkins"

Zorya Pure Silk Lace

"Signed in Blood"

"The Vanishing Lady"

"Silver Ghost"

I hope you can join the fun, at 8pm , at Solstice Yarns  .

Eleanor xx

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Yarns Update. Gaia's Gift.

Hello everyone

There are lots of goodies in this week's update at Solstice Yarns.

Ameratsu Pure Silk Cobweb Lace in....

"Silver Sea"

"Gaia's Gift"

"Bonnie Prince Charlie"


"Blackcurrant Juice"

Banshee Tussah Silk Lace in...

Blood Rose

Raspberry Fool

Storm Waves

Bilberry Moor

Orange Zing

Hoof and Horn

River Deep

Lothlorien Lace in "Endless Love"

Coniston Sock Yarn in "Ash Moon"

Spring Tide Sockyarn in "Summer in Tuscany"

Eowyn Bfl/Silk Fingering in  "Strange Blue Light"

Starborn Sparkle Sockyarn in "Ash Moon"

Wilderness Merino DK in ..

"Water Goddess"

"Red Jewels"

"Moorland Heather"

I hope you enjoy them. They are all now in the Shop .

Eleanor xx